Blueberry Muffin Layered Trifle

Delicious twist for a trifle using our Blueberry and Vanilla Muffin Mix. So simple to make and so tasty, this will be a favourite with everyone! Ingredients: – Cookie Crumbles Marvellous Blueberry & Vanilla Muffin Mix – 1 orange, or 70ml orange juice – 50ml milk – 200ml double cream – 500g ready- made custard […]

White Chocolate and Cranberry Muffin Bites

It’s the most hectic/busy/stressful/wonderful time of the year! These mini muffin bites are a quick way of whipping up snacks when you have last minute visitors coming over or are in desperate need of an activity to keep the little ones occupied for half an hour or so. Ingredients: –Cookie Crumbles White Chocolate and Cranberry […]