Versatile and gorgeous granola energy bar mix

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you energy for the rest of the day and sets up your metabolism. Still, a lot of people skip it because they’re rushing in the morning to get to work and they end up just drinking coffee or grabbing chocolate bar or croissant instead. […]

New Product Point of Sale Stand

Cookie Crumbles is unveiling its new eye-catching and innovative point of sale stands in readiness for a busy summer of home baking. Each new POS stands can hold up to 64 baking mixes or a combination of baking mixes and the popular gift sets. The POS stands are available to retailers and deli shops free […]

Fathers Day

It’s almost time to celebrate Father’s day, that special man in everyone’s life. Got the card, still undecided about cufflinks, beer mat or golf balls???? Well I think truly the best present in the world is a home baked cake.  Either opt for a cake mix (yes Cookie Crumbles has got some deliciously baking mixes […]