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PLEASE NOTE! Choose your Baking Mix selection for each month using the drop downs above, then scroll down to Add To Cart. If you are buying the subscription as a gift, please enter your own details in the billing address section and the recipient’s name and delivery details in the delivery address section.

Perfectly designed to fit through the letter box, the Cookie Crumbles Baking Club makes a wonderful present, delivered each month for 3 months at just £21 total, includes free shipping!

The first kit comes with a card explaining what they will be receiving with your message inside. Be original, give the gift of something to look forward to and make them happy!

Awesome Wholesome Brownie Mix: Delicious rich and gooey chocolate brownie – just add egg, oil and water

Awesome Gluten-free Brownie Mix: Cookie Crumbles Gluten-free Brownie Mix is seriously chocolatey and delicious. This fudgy mix is crammed with chocolate chips, rice flour and brown sugar.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix: Amazing cookies filled with chunks of plain chocolate pieces and made with wholemeal flour. Makes 12-14 cookies. Just add 1 egg and butter.

Fabulous Gingerbread Biscuit Mix: Packed with wholemeal flour and brown sugar, mixed with two of our favourite spices; cinnamon and ginger.

Glorious White Chocolate & Cranberry Muffin Mix: Big fat white chocolate chips jostle with juicy cranberries and a hint of cinnamon.

Gorgeous Granola Energy Bar Mix: A burst of wholesomeness! Packed with different seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, poppy seed, oat and dried cherries – just add honey and butter

Marvellous Blueberry & Vanilla Mix: Moist muffins packed with blueberries and natural vanilla – just add egg, oil and water

Sunny Oat & Raisin Cookie Mix: Wonderfully moist cookies full of flavour. Just add egg, and butter

Definitely more exciting than a magazine subscription!