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Versatile and gorgeous granola energy bar mix


Versatile and gorgeous granola energy bar mix

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you energy for the rest of the day and sets up your metabolism.

Still, a lot of people skip it because they’re rushing in the morning to get to work and they end up just drinking coffee or grabbing chocolate bar or croissant instead. Unfortunately I’m one of those many and most of the time make the wrong choices. I usually have a few coffees and some fruit at this time of year I love juice strawberries.- not the greatest choice to set you up for the day. Having spent five years as a child in Switzerland I remember having Bircher Muesli on an almost daily basis- either for breakfast or lunch. Yes it’s often served for lunch in the summer- such a nourishing and healthy dish. Full of goodness and easy to digest.

Bircher muesli is named after Dr Maximilian Bircher – Benner  who invented this meal for his patients in Zurich in the 1890s because he believed that food could be used to keep the body healthy and not just satisfy the hunger. Not having any oats in the house but plenty of packets of Gorgeous Granola Energy Bar Mix I thought that the Granola Energy Bar mix would actually make the perfect base for a delicious Bircher muesli. Traditionally the oats are soaked in apple juice but I had some coconut water in the fridge. You can experiment- I know some soak the oats in a mixture of apple juice and water- all depends how sweet you like your muesli. Also if you don’t have time to soak the muesli overnight you can get away with just Find the recipe below and enjoy your meal!

Bircher Muesli Recipe


1 packet Gorgeous Granola Energy Bar Mix

200 ml coconut water

125ml or about 8tbsp plain yoghurt

1 tablespoon of honey

3 tablespoons granola

Some almond milk



Mix the rolled oats, coconut water, yoghurt, vanilla, cinnamon and honey in an airtight container.

Add more honey if you like it sweeter.

Leave it overnight in the fridge.

Take your muesli mix and mix through some granola and chopped fruits.

Top it off with some almond milk.





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