Pizza Bread

It’s bread week! To take the stress out of baking bread, we’ve come up with a truly scrumptious pizza bread packed with cheese and salami that doesn’t need proving or much kneading either – a perfect introduction to bread baking.


300g flour

2tsp baking powder

2tsp dried oregano, basil or mixed herbs

1tsp salt

50g salami, sliced

125ml tomato sauce

75g cheese, grated (plus an extra 25g for topping)

2 eggs

100ml milk

60g butter, melted


  1. Chop the salami and mix together with the tomato sauce and cheese, put to one side.
  2. Put the flour, baking powder, herbs and salt into a bowl.
  3. Mix the egg, melted butter, and milk in a jug. Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in the liquid.
  4. Using a spoon, mix until well combined. Knead the dough for a minute or so until it forms a smooth ball.
  5. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts and roll out to the size of your tin (we used a loaf tin).
  6. Put one layer of dough into the tin, spread over half of the tomato mixture, add the second layer of dough, spread the rest of the tomato mixture on top and finally top with the final layer of dough.
  7. Sprinkle over the extra 25g of cheese and bake at 180 fan for 50-55 minutes until baked.
  8. Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Enjoy! 🙂
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