Perfect fluffy pancakes

Happy Pancake Day! This is one of our favourite days of the year. When else can you indulge in pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Whether you like yours savoury or sweet, fluffy or crepe-like, make sure you tuck into a plate of pancakes today to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Pancakes are not just something we enjoy once a year, but have become a weekly family weekend tradition. We shared our favourite recipe for fluffy American-style pancakes this week over on the Eddie Catz Blog, plus some tips on making them a little extraordinary: blueberry & vanilla pancakes, ham, cheese… even peach pancakes!

Give our recipe a go and try one of the delicious variations to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes are super simple to make, and are great fun to make with kids (they are great mixers!). Want to know the trick to the perfect fluffy pancakes? You’ll have to head over the blog post to find out! 🙂

What are your favourite pancakes toppings? Do you prefer them classic with butter and maple syrup or rather all topped up with nutella and bananas?


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