7 tips for making better macarons

Making beautiful macaroons is no easy task. Many bakers, young and old, struggle to make macarons that look as pretty as they do in the display cases at fancy cake shops.

They’re a labour of love and persistence. If you’re just starting out on your macaron-making journey, here are a few tips that will help you make better macarons, one batch at a time!

1. Sift everything

Sift your ingredients, multiple times if necessary. You want your ground nuts to be powdery. No lumps! Almond and icing sugar mixture may be pulsed in a food processor to make finer.

2. Use old eggs

Use old egg whites. No really, leave them out for three days at room temperature if you don’t mind waiting for that long. Using fresh egg whites is more likely to result in macarons that are too fragile and flat.

3. Think magma

The final macaron batter should have the consistency of magma. What’s the consistency of magma? Not too liquidy, nor too stiff. If you form a peak, it should slowly and completely sink back into the batter.

4. Use wet fingertips

If the cookies form peaks on their tops after piping, flatten them with a wet fingertip.

5. Use a double-layered baking sheet

Prevent your macarons from burning by using a double layered baking sheet (stack two sheets on top of each other) and by propping the oven door open with a wooden spoon for the entire baking period or halfway through the baking period (depending on how large the macarons are or what recipe you’re using).

6. Use steam to loosen

To make it easier to remove the macarons from the parchment paper after baking, pour a little bit of water underneath the paper. After a while the steam will have loosened the macarons.

7. Practise your patience

Let the macarons rest for a day before you eat them. They’re supposed to taste better with a bit of rest. This might be the hardest rule to follow.


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